Central High School East | Central Unified School District

The Athletes as Readers and Leaders program is not a one-time lesson; it is a program that provides weekly health and nutrition lessons to kindergarteners through third graders.  Lessons are taught by high school students during reading classes on Fridays.  The program is in its 9th year and has resulted in the mentoring of thousands of elementary students while providing leadership opportunities for hundreds of high school student athletes.  It has become part of the Central Unified School District culture.

Student athletes are trained annually on how to read nutrition and health stories to the elementary students. (See list of recommended books). Both the elementary students and the high school student’s gain from this literacy out-reach program and the health messages are well received. The younger students look up to the athletes and they in turn serve as role models for the younger students. It is truly a win-win. We encourage you to start such a program in your school!