Higher Vegucation: Why Our Lives Depends On It

There aren’t many things we need in life to survive. Yet, there is one essential element that can imprint your DNA, and that is food. It is our lifeline. The truth is, it can completely change your destiny and those around you, and the fork in the road is what you choose to put in your mouth. Knowing how to cook healthy foods may just be one of the most important survival skills we can nurture in our children. Our grab-n-go society might advocate convenience and ease - to have it your way and to lick your fingers while you’re at it - but at what price? When we sacrifice this attachment to intentional eating, we can lose our health, our identities, our culture, our traditions and a chanc

2016 Food Trends

What do I see in my crystal ball? Here are my predictions for The Top 8 Healthy Food Trends for 2016 Founder and Industry Expert, Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie From the next ‘It’ Veggie and Superfood to Brinner and Globowls, my report will help you create exciting, ahead-of-the-curve menu offerings to please the pickiest customers. For the fourth consecutive year, I’m releasing my Top 8 Healthy Food Trends Report for 2016 to help you, our valued school nutrition professionals, get a leg-up on gaining the attention of a new generation of savvy, health conscious consumers - your kids! Their ever-evolving tastebuds are craving new and interesting flavors and the ability to mol