5 New Habits for the New Year

It’s that time again to set those new years resolutions. Instead of setting a notoriously short-lived resolution, let’s try working on some habits that will benefit you and your family throughout your lifetime. Here are 5 helpful tips to getting there: Choose a food and focus - Select new fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy, or any food to focus on improving will drive better habits. Making it more accessible, preparing it differently, and talking about it will contribute to improved food choices for the long haul. Talk about the importance of longevity and health - keeping it top of mind will make it more important. See this fun TED talk that shows the importance of lifestyle habits and long

The Hottest Healthy Food and Beverage Trends For 2017

(Aliso Viejo CA) – January 3rd, 2017. For the fifth consecutive year, award-winning entrepreneur, natural products industry veteran and chef, Mareya Ibrahim, aka The Fit Foodie, has released her hottest healthy food and beverage food trends for 2017, sure to influence new product innovation and consumer buying decisions. Whether it’s using renewable ingredients, growing efficiency or preventing food waste, the underlying theme for my 8 hottest healthy trends of 2017 is sustainability. There’s never been a more innovative and exciting time for the world of clean food and a healthy environment. These trends will shape the food and beverage industry, so innovators, food service executives and

Outstanding Nutrition Educator Award

Teachers work diligently throughout the school year to educate Californian children and many find ways to include nutrition lessons in the classroom. The second annual Eat Smart 2 Be Smart Outstanding Nutrition Educator Awards is designed to honor and reward individuals and teams of educators who go above and beyond the call of duty to bring nutrition to life for their students. We understand that entering an award or contest is just one more thing a teacher may be asked to do on any given day, week or year. However, we think part of the prize comes from the process, so here are our top four reasons why it’s worth the time and effort to apply for awards/honors/recognitions/contests (like the