What’s for Lunch? What Kids are Eating — and Where, When and Why — in Eight Schools Across the Count

For as long as public schools have been feeding kids lunch, grown-ups have been arguing about it. Everything from what goes on the plate to who should pay the bill to whether ketchup is a vegetable has prompted heated debate. But far from the halls of Congress, where the National School Lunch Program is as much a political issue as an educational concern, cafeteria staff grapple with very different challenges: making cauliflower and beets appealing to 8-year-olds; putting whole grains, a healthy entree, a vegetable and fresh fruit on a plate for a couple of bucks; hiring good workers when the starting wage may be less than the pay at a big-box store. The Washington Post asked eight elementa

Changing Palates: Alhambra High Schools Dish Up House-Made Pho and Ramen

Jason Su, 14, a freshman at Alhambra High School enjoys a bowl of pho during lunch on Friday, Oct. 11, 2019. Alhambra Unified has added ramen and pho to their lunch menus at its high school in order cater to its diverse student base. (Photo by Trevor Stamp, Contributing Photographer) Last school year, Alhambra High student Krystal Li ate spicy chicken sandwiches from the cafeteria every day. They were good enough, the now-junior said, and she didn’t have to worry about bringing lunch. This school year, the cafeteria started serving pho — the Vietnamese noodle soup — twice a week, and Li said she has been hooked ever since. Students at Alhambra High School can now enjoy bowls of pho during