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  • Consider the audience - parents, teachers, students, school food service personnel, food manufacturers and brokers.

  • Use proper grammar and spelling.

  • Use creative titles.  Ask yourself: Is this appealing? Does the content draw me in? Is this content appropriate?

  • Write 200 to 300 words or less.  Include a short bio.

  • Include multimedia: short video clips, slides, games, online quizzes, etc.

  • If using an image that is not your own, please be sure you have permission to use it or cite the original source of the image to avoid copyright infringement.  Cite all original work,

  • Be kind.  Be polite.  Be respectful,

  • Use trust worthy sources.  Only use information that you have verify to be true by scientific findings.

  • Do  not self-promote.

  • Submit to

Guest Blogging Requirements

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