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Eat Cleaner launches an “a-peel-ing” campaign to minimize food waste and boost nutrition

LOS ANGELES, California – (March 6th, 2018): When is the last time you ate a banana peel? If you’re thinking that’s just for monkeys, think again. In the U.S. alone, we eat more than 3.2 billion pounds of bananas each year – that’s 304 bananas every second – and the discarded peels add an extra 780 million pounds to our landfills. That’s the weight of 1,300 jumbo jets in banana peels! And all of this waste wreaks havoc on our environment and our health, emissions, and we miss huge health and culinary benefits by tossing them away.

Decomposing produce is one of the leading causes of harmful methane gas.

That’s why today, eatCleaner® announced the launch of a seven-day “Save The Peels” challenge to help redirect over 18 million pounds of food waste while showcasing the many ways peels can enhance your health and add mega flavor to any meal. eatCleaner® inventor, founder and CEO of Grow Green Industries, INC., “The Fit Foodie” Chef Mareya Ibrahim, aims to shift America’s thinking by raising awareness around smarter, cleaner eating habits.

“Just think of all the produce peels we are automatically conditioned to throw out, from citrus to bananas to veggie peels like potatoes, carrots, apples and kiwi that are easily eaten but get trashed anyway!” says Ibrahim, “You can literally double down on peels! A small shift in thinking and the health benefits and flavor you get from most produce by consuming the smart hacks for using the peels can help people get the most benefit out of peels and keep them out of the trash.”

The first step, however, is to ensure that all peels are properly and thoroughly cleaned with a produce wash like eatCleaner® to remove agricultural sprays, waxes, chemicals remove up to 99.99 percent of the residue that water leaves behind, while and debris that can carry harmful bacteria. “eatCleaner® is formulated to extending shelf life up to five times longer” Ibrahim explains. “ “We created a full, patented line that allows you to spray, soak or wipe your fresh fruit and vegetables so you can take advantage of eating the whole produce item safely – full, patented line that allows you to spray, soak or wipe your fresh fruit and peels and all. If you’re spiralizing squash or making sweet potato fries, keep the whole veggie intact but be sure to wash them properly first.”

March kicks off National Nutrition Month and leads into April’s Earth Day, making this the perfect time to focus on eco-friendly health solutions – which happen to be Ibrahim’s specialty: “We are going to provide people with a whole myriad of ways to consume peels for the benefit of their health and the planet. When we know better, we do better, and with a new level of awareness, hopefully people can adopt new, healthy habits for a lifetime.”

Here are just a few creative ways that Ibrahim consumes fruit and veggie peels:

  • Use a ripe, clean peel in a smoothie, banana bread or muffin recipe for enhanced fiber, amino acid and antioxidant benefits. The riper the peel, the sweeter the product – and less added sugar needed;

  • Add peels to your juicer and give fresh-pressed, raw juices a big nutrient and enzyme boost;

  • Infuse grated orange, lime, lemon and grapefruit zest into olive oil for use in salad dressings and to instantly boost flavor and antioxidant power of cooked veggies, fish and chicken;

  • Rub banana peels on your skin to improve tone and texture.

Beginning March 2, text SAVETHEPEELS to 22828 or visit to join the movement and receive a free seven-day “Save the Peels” guide and recipe booklet packed easy-to-share ideas. Watch the eatCleaner® YouTube channel and Facebook page with nutrition facts, cooking tips, household hacks, product discounts and for how-to videos providing hands-on tips to create your own delicious, clean from eatCleaner®. Know a company or small business that wants to partner with recipes, and use #savethepeels on social media for a chance to win fun prizes us in our mission to save Mother Earth? Contact us today at for marketing materials to proudly display at your business, and be sure to look for the “Save the Peels” logo at your favorite juice bar or health food store to help support the cause and raise awareness about this “a-peel-ing” movement that’s sweeping the nation.

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